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  1. I am not interested in synchronizing my EN date on the internet, but I find the functionality of the Premium edition interesting. What about a Offline Premium license which you pay once, as any software, but you can purchase future upgrades? As someone who uses EN exclusively offline, I don't want to see my EN Premium revert to the free version once I decide to discontinue my subscription. Any other free version user wanting this form of EN license? John
  2. Glad to meet a photographer here. I use Easy Duplicate Finder which is free. Which one do you use? John
  3. If EN could detect pages already existing in the database, it could prompt us to decide whether we want to download the page again, just as in any browser when we are saving the same page again. Why EN does not do that? This feature could be optionally turned On & Off This would be a way to avoid duplicated pages. John
  4. Thanks, the pdf printing is an option. However when I do a simple 'Save as' of the web page in Firefox, there is no problem. John
  5. Text overlaps text & images in clipped pages. How to avoid? See attached screenshot.
  6. Just click the save icon in the upper left corner of the page & save as a PDF & add to Evernote. Thanks, That works great. EN is really amazing. John
  7. I tried to clip this page http://forums.adobe.com/thread/797055.pdf The page goes to the list of clipped pages in EN, but the main window is empty. Is this a limitation of EN free edition? John
  8. Password protection of notebooks, sub_notebooks & notes John
  9. Yes, I do that. If I see 2 consecutive pages with the same title, I would manually delete one. My email program, The Bat!, can automatically delete duplicate messages on request. So I think it would be nice if EN had this function. John
  10. Finally I think it is not possible for the software to detect duplicates as 2 identical pages clipped at a few seconds intervals are not duplicates as they have a different download time. Also, the same page downloaded at different dates/ times may not have the same content. Useless thread ... unless EN can read the creation date/time of the web page and not it's download time John
  11. It is so easy to downloading web pages in EN that it is possible to download the same page more than once. Is there an easy way to delete duplicate pages other than manually? Something like purge duplicates? Is this function (automatically remove duplicate pages) important to you? John
  12. Guys, Can I have an idea of what size are your database files? John
  13. It is my understanding that everything collected in EV goes to a single file. I guess this will get pretty huge with time and the bigger the file gets, the more chance it can get corrupt. Am I right about this? BTW what is the safe maximun file size? So my question is can we create more than one database accessible with File/ Open like we do for Excel? John
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