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  1. Is there an easy way to tell which notebooks are enabled for offline sync? I know I can click of the three dots for each individual notebook to determine status, but I'd really like to know from the notebook list which are offline synced. Thanks. Jim
  2. I want to subscribe to an RSS feed to send information via my Evernote email address into Evernote. However, the RSS subscriptions sends a verification email to my Evernote email, perryje.f2df0@m.evernote.com. I am using Blogtrotter.com to create the email messages from an RSS feed. There doesn't seem to be any way to answer this email with a confirmation back to the RSS subscription site. How can I do this?
  3. I just got an iPod Touch, and I can't find anywhere to tell Evernote to remember my login info. Every time I start Evernote, I have to login again. Is this normal, or am I missing a button somewhere?
  4. I'm curious to know why PDF support is hard to do on Windows but is already implemented on the Mac and Browser. Is there something inherently difficult about it? The implementation of PDFs in OneNote is very flexible, especially the option to "Insert file as printout so I can add notes to it". I'd like to see PDFs implemented in a similar fashion in Evernote - it gives great flexibility.
  5. I have a large number of PDFs filed in Paperport on Windows, and I've been waiting for Windows Evernote PDF support to start moving my Paperport data to Evernote. Is this the final PDF support, or will we see searchable PDF text in future Evernote releases? If we move the PDF links over now, and subsequently future Evernote releases add text search for PDFs, will we need to re-import them, or will Evernote go back and index old PDF links?
  6. I agree, this would be very handy. Although, depending upon how the PDF suppport works, printing to a PDF might serve the same purpose.
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