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  1. I've tried repeatedly to install Evernote 6.22, but it hangs in the Windows 10 installation. I've reinstalled Win 10 three times, but it still hangs. At this point the only version of Evernote I'm able to install is 6.18. Have others had this problem? Thanks for any help.
  2. I currently have EN installed. Every time I try to replace it with the updated version, it hangs and eventually leaves a message a bookstrapper: (c:\bootstrapper.cpp.981) oxl: Incorrect function Is there some way I can complete the installation? Thanks for any help. Howard Schwartz hschwartz@umsl.edu
  3. Thanks very much, Emerick. I'm glad there will be a fix in the upcoming version. Howard
  4. Evernote 6.1 changes the way a PDF file can be moved into EN. In the past, if I wanted to drag a PDF file UNOPENED, I held down ctrl-shift. If I wanted it OPEN, I simply dragged it in. Now ctrl-shift no longer works, but opens the PDF whenl I don't want to open it. Is there a new command for keeping the PDF closed?
  5. All versions of EN, including this Beta, can't be collapsed to less than half a screen. I run it at about 1/5 of the screen, with just the lists of updated and title. Instead, I am running EN 5.8.13, which does allow such a reduction. I found it on filehippo.com. I hope that future versions of EN 5.9 will fix this bug. Howard Schwartz
  6. I am unable to unable to Click and drag to resize column widths in either EN 5.9 or 5.91. I finally downloaded the latest version of 5.8 from filehippo.com. That worked. I also have the impression that version 5.9 somehow inhibits the Windows installed. It hangs for a very long time, or in some cases, never completes installation. I'm happy to see constant improvement in EN, but 5.9, at this time, seems extremely buggy.
  7. I am experiencing at least once a day crashes of Evernote. Every morning the computer has crashed, and there is a note from EN reporting it. This has gone on through most of version 5. I have around 10,000 entries on EN and it's essential. I'm desperate enough to go back to some previous version, but I don't know what the best, most stable choice would be. Filehippo has virtually all of the past versions. If others have experienced this problem, and have found a stable version, please let me know. Thanks.
  8. I'm using EN Prior to this version, I couldn't sync EN on one of my 3 computers. Now I can. But I still have a major problem: I can't drag Word 2003 files or Pdf files into EN. Is there any way to fix this? It is happening on the same computer that previously couldn't sync. Thanks for your help.
  9. Jeff, still no reply from support. I'm mystified. It sure is hard to be without EN. Yes, that was the full text of the error message. Howard
  10. I have now been without EN for almost a week. I requested help here and also submitted a request to EN support. Support asked me to download Revo and remove EN completely, then reinstall version However, since EN removes itself when we install a new version, I HAVE NOTHING TO REMOVE. I can't install EN. Every time it gets stuck with this message: HKEY_CURRENT_USER32\Software\Microsoft\Internet\Explorer\MenuExt\New Note I have now brought this dilemma twice to support, who have not replied. There must be a way to do this. Any suggestions? Howard Schwartz
  11. I have been unable to install Evernote for Windows. Each time it gives me a message saying that I don't have access to this file: HKEY_CURRENT_USER32\Software\Microsoft\Internet\Explorer\MenuExt\New Note I'd be grateful if someone could suggest a way to resolve this problem. Thanks. Howard Schwartz
  12. I have set up EN 5.03 successfully on all but one of my computers--the primary one. I collapse EN to about 4 inches and use the List option under View. But all this shows are the dates of the entries and the notebooks they come from--I'm unable to show the titles of the entries, the most important part. I don't want to use the Snippet or Card views, as they require more space. What can I do to restore the Titles? Thanks for any help.
  13. I've been running into the serious problem of finding EN information scattered in various notebooks. I want to combine everything into one notebook. How can this be done? Also, when the list of notebooks is shown, why isn't there an option called ALL? I've been using EN many years, know lots of tricks, but not the elementary one of moving info from other notebooks into the primary one. I'll appreciate any help on this.Thanks.
  14. I have quite a few lectures in MP3 or WMA format in Evernote. I need to drag them from EN to the desktop in order to burn them as cds. While there is no problem dragging them into EN, there doesn't appear to be any way to drag them out. DOC and PDF files can be dragged in or out without any problem. Does anyone know of a way to drag these lectures out of EN?
  15. By far the feature I'm anxiously awaiting is the ability of EN4 to let me drag and drop doc and pdf files from it onto the desktop. This ability is found in EN 3.1 (which I'm still using until this feature is installed). I have installed each successive upgrade to EN4 successfully, but none of them address this issue. I know from past messages that this feature is needed by many others. I hope it'll be implemented soon.
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