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  1. as a workaround i am also sometimes do this with the one cell table. but it cannot be used in most of the cases and still is only a workaround. would really appreciate if evernote would change that obviously not correct behaviour
  2. Hi, I've googled and searched here for a while now and there is this a very annoying behavior of Evernote if one is using it as a PC/Mac App and also as Mobile App. I hope that is a bug and not meant as a "feature" ;o) Description: If I am editing a note on my macbook in the normal app and put in some images to enhance my content, I usually have to resize the image to much smaller because no matter how big the image is, it is always made fullsize, which is already quite annoying. I could live with this one time effort.... if this would be one time. But once I am editing a note where there are pictures which have been resized, ALL the once resized pictures are full-sized again which is quite the mess and honestly makes the mobile app quite unusable because it messes up all my notes once I do a simple edit. And no.. i am not touching those images. Is there a way to prevent that? Or am I missing a setting here? Would be great if you could solve that, i really love evernote but that seriously makes me angry since years already.. and now that I am using more and more the mobile app it kind of wants me to change to Microsofts OneNote or something else... 😕 Thank you! Best Christian
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