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  1. OK - thanks for clarifying what you meant by online. I didn't realize that the Evernote window can be closed but still receive the instruction as long as Evernote is logged in and connected to the Internet. Like with Outlook the desktop version - the "send later" instruction and other things don't work unless Outlook is open. I realize this may be a completely different thing and maybe very obvious as to why to a technically savvy person, but I guess for me it made me think that all programs work that way. 😕
  2. @DTLow when you say the device needs to be "online" - do you mean that Evernote needs to be active and signed in. And have you done this test on both the desktop and web versions of Evernote. I don't know if I mentioned that on the SurfacePro I have been talking about the DESKTOP version of Evernote.
  3. Thanks for participating in this discussion @DTLow it's so important to be clear on how things work. In my case, had I not tested the revoke method with my SurfacePro in front of me, I would have walked away thinking I was logging off and preventing anyone from clicking through my notes.
  4. I see. Thanks @EdH. So it is not a security tool. So going forward, if I ever forget to log out of Evernote my only option would be to ask the person to log me out of it. Any plans on making the option to log off and force close the client on any device available in the near future?
  5. Thanks @EdH That is very, very valuable information. So if I understand correctly, you're saying that although revoking does log you out of Evernote, a savvy user might still be able to access my database / notes in the Windows and Mac platforms, right? In my case, I had left behind my SurfacePro with a family member who is not tech savvy so there was little danger in that happening. HOWEVER. I have my SurfacePro here now, and I went on the web application and revoked access. My Evernote was logged in and open on the SurfacePro. I am still able to look through all my n
  6. OK - so revoking won't "erase" or eliminate the devices from the system - in essence it logs them out? (oh, and thanks, of course!)
  7. I am on the Premium service and have several devices etc (Windows, iPad, BlackBerry, SurfacePro) with Evernote on them. Is there a way to sign out of all devices at once?
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