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  1. Personally, I only ever want to create pretty barebones notes, so I don't have many needs that are unfulfilled in the desktop (Mac) version. The one major one, though, is the line spacing. As others mentioned, when I cut and paste, half the time everything seems to be imported at 1.5 or other strange spacing intervals. Why 1.0 is not the default, I will never know. This happens even when I use "Paste as Plain Text" ... which seems insane. Can Evernote pleeeeease just add this to the formatting toolbar? It seems like it would take five minutes of coding in a subsequent update. My bigger issue is on the mobile app (Android), where almost no text formatting exists. Can I really not even change the font of selected text? Or the font size? I have the option to add SUBSCRIPT and EXPONENTS/FOOTNOTES .... but I can't just make the entire note have the same font/font size? That is BONKERS. Or am I missing something obvious? Please add font selection and font size options to the mobile Android app. This seems like the most basic thing ever.
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