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  1. I replied in the thread you mentioned but I don't really have time for this. Will this Shane guy ever get back to me?
  2. I am the account admin. Why can't i find the original question that I posted? I found your answer when I went under 'streams I started' but it's not showing in the Technical Question area where I thought I posted it. I am a business user and when I click on the link in your message 'support access here' I'm logged out of the Evernote site. When I log back in, I land on my home page of my notebooks.THERE IS NO SUPPORT THERE. Can you please tell me how to contact someone? There is no phone number to talk to a real person and there is no email address that works. When I click on the contact us link, I'm logged out. Is there anyway you can put me in touch with someone? Thank you.
  3. I want to move a notebook from one folder to another and it keeps dropping the notebook in something called My Notebook or Notebook stack. Please help. Also - this company has the absolutely worst customer service I've ever seen.
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