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  1. The solution that I found to link from another Windows app to the local (Windows) version of Evernote is as follows: Right-click on a note and choose "Copy Internal Link" (or use the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+L). Click in some empty space in the note you just selected and paste what you just copied to the clipboard (right-click and choose "Paste", or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V). Right-click on the link that was just created when you pasted into the note and choose "Edit". Highlight the contents of the "Address" field in the dialog that pops up and copy to the clipboard (click anywhere in the field and press Ctrl+A on the keyboard, followed by Ctrl+C). Click the "Cancel" button to back out, and delete the linked text you create in Step 2 above. Go into your target application - Word, Excel, Todoist, whatever... - and paste in the link from the clipboard. You should see a link URL that starts with "evernote:///view". Save whatever you are doing and you are good to go! NOTES: The first time you click on one of these links in Windows, you may have to say okay to using Evernote for handling these link types in the future. The links you create using the above steps WILL work on mobile platforms such as Android. However, CREATING them will probably remain a LOT easier on Windows. Hope this helps!
  2. It is disheartening to see how LONG this has been an issue for so many users of Evernote. EN is a great product with many advantages over OneNote, and I have been a huge fan for years. I'm probably not ready to even THINK about converting hundreds (thousands?) or notes to another platform - YET. But this seems like a very basic feature to this old former Silicon Valley software product manager - especially because it has caused so much inconvenience for so many people. To be clear, here's my summary of the issue as it still stands here in January 2019: Notes that are entered from scratch in EN have no spacing issues (but little in the way of explicit spacing OPTIONS either). Notes that are copied and pasted from word processing software - principally, Microsoft Word - end up with additional line spacing that cannot be adjusted or removed. Notes that are captured from the Internet or Outlook using the corresponding add-ins often have additional space at the top of the note and/or additional line spacing - neither of which can be adjusted or removed. For all of the above issues, the "Simplify Formatting" option does nothing to address them, and the "Remove Formatting" removes EVERYTHING - throwing out the metaphorical "baby with the bath water". Guys and gals at EN - this ain't rocket science. Here is how you can approach this LONG standing situation: The MINIMUM you should do (MVP) is to make it so that the "Simplify Formatting" option removes ALL spacing. That would allow a motivated user to go through and add spacing to a note "manually" where desired. This isn't ideal, but it's better than the current option - NOTHING. There should never just be a bunch of pointless whitespace at the top of a note. I challenge you to come up with a use case for EN where this would be intended and desirable. This Simplify Formatting enhancement should, at a minimum, remove any extraneous top-space if you think you have a good reason not to just remove it ALWAYS automatically. The better option is to allow for setting line and paragraph spacing globally for a note so the formatting of a new note could be enhanced and an imported note's formatting overridden. The best option would be Word-style spacing control throughout a note, where you could change line and paragraph spacing as desired throughout a note. This doesn't seem to much to ask to help out those of us who have PAID for Evernote for so very long. Thank you.
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