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  1. Finally, I thought I was the only one. The people who run Evernote are capital I Incompetent. I'm sorry. I don't want to be mean. Software developers and UX designers have their own struggles when running complicated apps like this, and it's never easy work. That said, Evernote has officially exhausted any understanding I might have for them. They continue to make the wrong moves, disregarding feedback and mismanaging priorities. I'm inclined to believe the people managing this company are either malicious or stupid, and have completely run out of any and all sympathy for them. The apps are buggier than a hornet's nest across all platforms, and haven't gotten better... but hey, thanks for letting me try "the new Evernote." New look, same bugs ❤️ If you have a problem, good luck reporting it; only premium users can contact Evernote. I understand gating tech support behind a paywall, but this is for all contact requests, which means you can't even provide useful suggestions or feedback. That's easily the single most stupid policy I've ever encountered in my 18 years on the web. I bet Evernote staff think everything's going okay because nobody can actually send them proper feedback or bug reports. But hey, feel free to use the forums which none of you read! You've fallen in ranks on the app stores, and have laid off a large portion of your workforce at the start of the fiscal year. Surely you realize something is up. And how do you decide to turn your pathetic excuse for a service around? This worthless, tone-deaf excuse for a campaign. This is INSULTING. This proves you are out of touch with your actual users. This was the last straw for me. You don't have ANY goodwill left, Evernote. You are the Fallout 76 of note taking apps. I literally hate you guys.
  2. I'm having a similar problem on my Galaxy Note 8. It seems to be related to the phone's predictive text function, which causes the note to actually type a weird, jumbled version of the word the phone underlined. This happens even if auto-replace is disabled. It also happens on both the mainstream and beta versions of the app. This happens any time I go back and edit existing text. This makes correcting mistakes a NIGHTMARE. To tell you the truth, I now realize Evernote has a much bigger problem. This service is notorious for how little it values user feedback, and after 4 months of this I am inclined to believe - and warn others - about how terrible Evernote is as a service. First, there is NO EASY WAY to report bugs or provide feedback. No email address in the app, no email address on the website, nothing. The app can provide you an error log, but doesn't provide where you're supposed to send it to. The website shows you how to prepare a ticket... but doesn't tell you where to submit it. After further investigation, it becomes clear that there IS an email link... but only for premium users. I have never seen any service on the internet display such greed, impertinence, and incompetence. Feedback is feedback. You WANT feedback. It doesn't matter if the user pays or not. After jumping through 70 hoops, and having a problem of this nature for months - so much so that continuing to use the app in this state is giving me bad typing habits, and getting flung around the app and the website looking for a way to report my issue, I got so frustrated I came all the way out to this forum just to say this.
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