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  1. Thanks, mate. My monthly upload limit has just been reset and I'll see whether it will work now.
  2. No. When I create new notes if I insert files on then they disappear as soon as I click on any other note.
  3. I have reached my monthly upload limit. It's ok because I knew abut this limit. Once the limit is reached, the new notes and files I add to Evernote should be kept saved offline so they'd be uploaded and synchronized when my monthly upload limit resets. But instead of being saved offline, new content is simply not being saved at all. Both in desktop (Windows 10) and Android new notes are simply not being saved. In desktop I receive the following message: The why is my new content not being saved offline for further sync?
  4. On my Android device I can choose what notebooks will be saved locally. Can I do this on Windows too, to save space on my HD? If not, how do I request this feature?
  5. Sadly there are no other tools that could be used to do this within an Evernote note. You can open the picture in another application (like MS Paint or GIMP) and make your annotations, then save it on the note again. It's safer but not faster.
  6. Hello. I'm using (308273) Public (CE Build ce-62.1.7539)
  7. Hello. The version I'm using (and on which I experienced the bug) is the desktop MS Windows, (308273) Public (CE Build ce-62.1.7539). Also I have just now searched for updates (using the search for updates tool) and it says there are no new updates. So I think the bug is still on, sadly.
  8. This happened to me today either, that is, I had a note with an image within this note and this image was automatically deleted when I annotated it using the Evernote image annotation tool. It feels like there is some bug in this image annotation tool that deletes the annotated image instead of updating it. Other people have been complaining of this same issue regarding PDFs. My search also shows me that this bug is old and is present in many older versions of Evernote (at least the Windows desktop app), considering the dates of the posts regarding this bug in these forums. So I don't think this will be fixed in the upcoming updates: this bug has become an Evernote characteristic rather than a bug. This bug is part of Evernote and is bound to it just as is its logo. This bug has been adopted by the development team and has been cheerfully passed on to the subsequent versions, resisting updates and customer complaints. It has acquired a cultural status among the developers and the recurrent complaints of the customers appears only to straighten the will of the developers to disseminate this bug to the new versions. This bug is now a sacred entity and each customer whose data is lost thanks to this bug is seen as an expected and necessary sacrifice to the the bug god. To even consider the possibility of fixing this bug is both unlikely and taboo. The development team would rather burn down every Evernote servers and facilities before they'd even consider fixing the Bug. The best you can do as a customer is to avoid using the picture annotation tool. If you do this, you'll still be able to enjoy all the other features that make Evernote the best personal note taking application.
  9. I have just annotated an image (not a PDF) within a note and the image disappeared. It was a vey important image (a picture of an important document). If this issue happenes only once more I will cancel my paid subscription to Evernot for there is no point in using an personal notes service that simply deletes your notes and don't even giv you a backup.
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