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  1. Hi, is there any update for this issue? A lot of people struggle with this problem of creating links within a note.
  2. Nothing special but better to navigate inside the note (google docs in this case). I just create "Table of contents" in Google Docs (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Docs). In one document you can create links to headers and back to "Table of contents", it's easier for me to navigate through amount of content. For each topic I need, I create separate document in folder, let's call "MANUALS" and inside this folder there are several documents "MANUAL_1", "MNUAL_2". I don't know if this answer satisfies you. You can imagine how it would be wonderful to have the same possibility in Evernote to create "Table of contents" with hyperlinks to any place within document and then from specific header back to "Table of contents"
  3. I use Web Client of Evernote because of Linux. I started moving my all notes to google drive because lack of this feature. It would be really great if you can create link inside the note. Possibility of creating Table of contents with links to header to different places within note.
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