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  1. I have provided comments before via the 'Send feedback' button in EN, but there is no way to find out if any of that is being taken into account. I'm not aware at least if I can follow up on this somehow ...
  2. Did anyone else experience that SHIFT + ENTER does not behave the same way in the new EN version? Instead of (only) inserting a carriage return, it always inserts carriage return + newline. As a result, in lists, each time a new item (bullet, checklist, ...) is added instead of just continuing the text on a new line within the same item. Very, very annoying and a degradation of existing functionality.
  3. What version are you using? in my EN the shortcuts are not (yet) working and it says: 'You’re up to date! Evernote 10.6.9 is currently the newest version available.'.
  4. I started experimenting with templates and I was really surprised to find out that templates can't be edited directly ... Please add this possibility as I consider this a missing functionality.
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