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  1. It's just a text, with some very minimal formatting (like bold text) but no other special formatting. I can reproduce it very easily with this: 1. Create new note 2. Type: "line one line two line three" (with empty lines in between) 3. Select everything in the note 4. Copy it to any other application (text editor, e.g. TextMate, browser window, terminal, does not matter) 5. The empty lines are gone Not formatting or anything else is needed, just plain note with empty lines. This didn't use to happen until about a week ago when I last updated - I copy in/out Evernote a lot and never had this issue. BTW, version info is: Version 7.8 (457453 Direct) Editor: 62.1.7539 (b406110)
  2. I don't have the Premium. I was thinking about getting one but if my workflows get broken all the time what's the point spending money on the app that I can't use? Copy-paste is a basic thing, it's not some optional thing I can easily get around. Is there a way to get the developers' attention without pre-paying it?
  3. In the web version, it's the opposite problem - when copying out, each empty line turns out into two empty lines. I guess on average it comes out ok, but I still have no way to extract my notes from Evernote in the same way as I wrote them.
  4. Recently (probably sometime this or previous week, since I never noticed it before and I use Evernote a lot) copypaste on Mac has been broken: When I create some note which contains empty lines, when I copy it and paste to any other application, I get empty lines deleted. This is very inconvenient and frustrating - if I use Evernote to compose texts that have paragraphs, copying it to any other place removes all paragraphs and I have to reformat whole text again. Has anybody else experienced this problem? Is there a fix/workaround to this?
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