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  1. 13 minutes ago, PinkElephant said:

    EN didn’t raise prices for the existing subscriptions. They added features for the same price as before. So there is no argument like „now I need to leave, but I am locked in“, because when you continue what you did before, nothing has changed.

    And yes, from posts I have answered I have the impression that there are People here in this forum who don’t know what full boolean search means, have no idea where to use it - but must have it, for nothing. Just because it now it there, and ouch, it must be marvelous because they charge extra money for it.

    Here is a simple test for that: Who has ever used the advanced search page of Google ? Few have, if the first result is not what they want, they change the words, or add another on the initial page.

    There is full boolean search in Google, for free. Who never used it will probably do the same in EN - what a „must have“ is that, fully ignored where available ?

    This IMHO does not disqualify these users, you can live a long life without the need to ever search boolean. But the reaction of „I want it all, and for free“ do raise doubts about theses users approach to services - and their fellow users here in the forum.

    It is a subscription service not a one of payment. You subscribe for use, feature updates and continuous innovation. Evernote is search.

  2. On 7/24/2021 at 11:51 PM, dbvirago said:

    I'm not sure most of the people complaining understand what a Boolean search is. I have over 12K notes, and don't use tags. I have rarely needed more than one search term to find anything, but two or three always work. IMO, if you need that complicated a search with nested ANDs and ORs, you need better structure, tags, or both. We have never had Boolean searches. 

    I think EN screwed the pooch on pretty much everything for the last year from a marketing and communication standpoint. But I have the feeling if they announced that only Professional level can use the phrase "Brussel Sprouts" in a note, there would be an uproar. The only thing in Pro I would like is exporting as PDF. If I decide I need it, I'll see if I can rearrange my portfolio and scrape together the extra $24 a year.

    Being facetious, questioning peoples intelligence, or simply dismissing peoples concerns as being irrelevant is not particularly helpful and are poor arguments.

    If you look at the market these days a lot of software will provide gated access to certain features, in a lot of instances those features are in reality required to make use of the product. You quickly realise that you need to upgrade. e.g. basic plan allows up to 3 tags, premium allows unlimited. That is not happening here yet but it clearly the model that Evernote are employing. 

    It is always easy to say you have the option to stop paying, but trying to extract 13 years of notes and information from one product to another is more involved than deciding to stop paying.

    If everyone accepts every change, then every change is acceptable.

  3. The new note/task menu is putting extra steps between me and creating new notes. Previously, you could just click new note and your away, now you have to click the "+ New" button and then re-click it to get a new note. This is primarily my note taking application, not task management.

    At the very least having it immediately display on mouse over would be an improvement.

    Windows: 10.15.6 (2680)

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  4. You can use the ` character to start and end some text in a paragraph. Like `this text here`. Press space after the closing ` character it gets converted to inline code. Some things to note: if you use the `. combination it will not convert it, it needs to be a space. To get around that just press space then backspace to move back to add your fullstop.

    This is an Evernote 10+ feature.

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  5. I am seeing a noticeable and visible pause before notes open on the desktop version - loading and rendering notes. This is compounded when the note is a large text note or there is a PDF or other document to be loaded as well.

    The responsiveness of the old evernote desktop was much quicker. I understand this is PWA now which I am all in favour of, however loading, veiwing, searching and quickly getting information out of Evernote is the reason why I use it.

    I am happy for the application to cache and stash the entire note database locally on each device (maybe not mobile) the power of the desktop and the ease of updating a PWA, winner winner.

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  6. This, this, this! I work in IT and have no real need for Word style formatting. I just want to store plain text notes and have a global font setting so I can change the monospace font and size for all notes, to my current monospace font of choice.

    This is currently an absolute nightmare.

    New -> Note
    New -> Plain Text Note

    or as others have stated have entire notebooks configured to be plain text.

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