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  1. Thanks! I've been using AutoHotkey for this for a few years now but this is not a long-term solution. What if I want to use another computer for instance? This would mean I'd need to install AutoHotkey on that as well But yes, you are right, this is one of the reasons I've been an AutoHotkey user (another one is to control volume sound with key shortcuts).
  2. @gazumped You've made my day!!! I just opened up both Dynalist and Workflowy on my Windows (the desktop versions of both apps) and noticed that Workflowy now has the pin on top of other windows option that I have just requested for Evernote! So Workflowy it is for me for quick notes then!
  3. Could I please ask you two questions since you are Workflowy user: I've been using Workflowy and Dynalist interchangeably and can't make up my mind. Dynalist's free version offers so many more features and the Android version is similar (and feels faster). Workflowy is behind when it comes to features and the Android version lacks some features (backlinks for example using [[ ) The only thing Workflowy has added that Dynalist lacks is the Kanban feature but then again I wouldn't use that for quick notes. But still, it would take ages I think for Workflowy to keep up with the multitude of
  4. The current shortcuts just open a new note or capture as you've said. I am talking about an entirely different thing. Try watching a presentation or attending a Zoom meeting and having to bring up the minimized note window every time. It just breaks the flow. If you already have it right there next to you it's so convenient to add notes to it - after all users will get a chance to disable the feature if they want. Apart from OneNote, other note-taking apps have this feature and it works wonders. Being a researcher, academic, productivity writer and tutor this is definitely a priority for me -
  5. Some apps in Windows have the option to pin them on top of other applications. In Evernote, this would mean that the new note window would always stick to the top, so no matter what other app you open (i.e. pdf, web browser, presentation) the new note window would always be there for you to add quick notes! This would be such so useful under so many different scenarios and I think it is relatively simple to implement since other apps also have this feature (even the legacy version of OneNote has it - the version that is part of Office). Just to clarify: there can be an option under the el
  6. In older versions of Evernote it was possible to use more languages for spell check. How? It was possible to copy the OpenOffice dict. files in the Evernote dict folder. Newer versions do not support this anymore. I know many people in Greece who don't use Evernote as their main note taking app because of the lack of Greek spell check support. Also for people who translate a lot, more languages are needed to be included in the spell check options. If the language packs are available for free and are in the public domain, I guess this is not difficult at all to be implemented.
  7. But we are paying for Evernote, thus Evernote can pay to have the dark theme implemented. What's the big deal? I thought we are paying to keep the product in development and have new features offered to us.
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