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  1. It seems to me that if I create a notebook when I have a stack open, the notebook should be put into that stack. And likewise, if I have aa notebook open and create a note, it should go into the open notebook.
  2. Does what you say apply to moving a note from a notebook in stack 'abc' to a notebook in stack 'xyz'?
  3. Frustrated. I want to create a note, then move it to a note in a notebook in a stack, and then, maybe move it from to another notebook in another stack. Am using Version 7.7 on a MAC (Mojave). Please point me to the step by step directions for moving notes around in the overall organization, whether it not be in a notebook (are all notes in a notebook automatically?) or not, and then move it to a notebook in an arbitrary stack, and move it from a notebook in one stack to a notebook in another stack. This is crazy, All this should be simple drag-and-drop. Isn't this just a hierarchical structur
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