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  1. I will send a request to the support. I've try before, but without a premium account, I can't. Thanks again for your help.
  2. Yep ! I'am able to past a chapter of 1800 words in another Notes app... so I'am afraid I will change my app, but It's annoying, because Evernote have a sync with PC application and, not another Android similar app Notes. Well, thank you for tryng help me, and sorry for my english, I'am French. Have a good evening/night
  3. I was able to pas a lot amount of text from Wattpad un the Android app. But now I can't... It's only un the Android app because I can past my chapters in the Evernote Web site and the Windows 10 app from the M store. It's only since the last update of the Android app. It's annoying. 😔
  4. hi @Dave-in-Decatur ! Thanks for reply ! I copy my text from Wattpad Text Editor mainlyn from the Android app. I've never had a problem before the last update. Since that, only the few 100 words at the beginning of my text are pasting. and I always past in a new note. However, in the clipboard of my smartphone, I have the entire text... I don't understand. Evernote is so usefull for me to write on my phone, copy'n'past in a new note and get the texte on my computer minutes later with the W10 app... I hope you can help me and find the problem. I'm not a premium member, though, but never was and never had problem.
  5. hello there, I have a problem with Evernote on Android. Since somme weeks, I can't past a texte longer than 100 words maybe less didn't really count. I am an author, I write on my smartphone sometime and I need to save my work with my laptop, but if I can't past a text 2k word long in a note, the app is osbsolete... This is a bug or something else, some restriction ? Thanks.
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