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  1. Ya, I'm sorry, I'am French, and I was late All right, thanks you, I will look what you say. Thanks
  2. Hi! I wonder (it may be already asked) if in a new version, we can have, for each folder, the capacity to slide notes in an order we want. I'm an author and I like to sort my chapter by their number, not by their last date or the alphabetical sorting. You think it may be possible to allow us sliding each note over another one to sort them in a folder like we want? Thanks!
  3. I will send a request to the support. I've try before, but without a premium account, I can't. Thanks again for your help.
  4. Yep ! I'am able to past a chapter of 1800 words in another Notes app... so I'am afraid I will change my app, but It's annoying, because Evernote have a sync with PC application and, not another Android similar app Notes. Well, thank you for tryng help me, and sorry for my english, I'am French. Have a good evening/night
  5. I was able to pas a lot amount of text from Wattpad un the Android app. But now I can't... It's only un the Android app because I can past my chapters in the Evernote Web site and the Windows 10 app from the M store. It's only since the last update of the Android app. It's annoying. 😔
  6. hi @Dave-in-Decatur ! Thanks for reply ! I copy my text from Wattpad Text Editor mainlyn from the Android app. I've never had a problem before the last update. Since that, only the few 100 words at the beginning of my text are pasting. and I always past in a new note. However, in the clipboard of my smartphone, I have the entire text... I don't understand. Evernote is so usefull for me to write on my phone, copy'n'past in a new note and get the texte on my computer minutes later with the W10 app... I hope you can help me and find the problem. I'm not a premium member, though, but never was and never had problem.
  7. hello there, I have a problem with Evernote on Android. Since somme weeks, I can't past a texte longer than 100 words maybe less didn't really count. I am an author, I write on my smartphone sometime and I need to save my work with my laptop, but if I can't past a text 2k word long in a note, the app is osbsolete... This is a bug or something else, some restriction ? Thanks.
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