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  1. I'm not sure if there is a existing solution for this or if I have to put in a feature request. I am using Evernote to organize facts and quotes for a history book I am writing. Every fact or quote is labeled with as many relevant tags as needed so that I can find notes based on subject matter, fact type, source name, etc. I have many tags that have words that exist in other tags but when I start typing a tag by word, Evernote only finds notes that start with the keyword that I have started typing. This makes finding tags that have the keyword in it but do not start with the keyword very difficult. I have to remember every tag that has the keyword in it rather than have Evernote bring up a list of all tags that have that keyword in it. Here is an example: Let's say I have the following tags in my tag list: big green apple big red apple apple fruit that is big Let's say the note is something about apples. I start typing apple in the tag area and only the "apple" tag comes up even though there are three tags that contain the word apple in it. This means that I have to remember every tag that has the word apple in it. Simple when you have 4 tags like above, but when you have 1000 tags of which 30 of them have the word apple in them, it is really difficult to remember every variation of tag that has the apple keyword in it. In the same way, if you are looking for tags that have the keyword "big" in them, you only get "big green apple" and "big red apple" when you start typing "big." "fruit that is big" will only show up if you start typing "fruit." I would expect that all tags with the word "big" would show up in the list of tags that are auto listed when I start typing "big." This would take one line in SQL to do this by simply using a "Like *keyword*" clause in the search statement. I'm not sure why Evernote does not do this when autofilling a tag as I type. It makes it really difficult to use tags when you have dozens of them that are relevant to the keyword you are typing. Any ideas? Am I missing something?
  2. I am using Evernote mainly for data organization for a book that I am writing. There are several hundred notes (and growing) located in about a dozen different notebooks. I have over 100 tags that I use to make the notes searchable by different criteria. Evernote works great in this context. The problem is then using Evernote for personal use as well. Is there any way, using a single account, to completely segregate two completely separate types of information? I used to use OneNote and this was easily done my creating separate notebooks that you could switch between. ("Notebook" has completely different meanings in OneNote and Evernote. In OneNote, a notebook is a completely separate data file.) For example, in OneNote, I could create separate notebooks for business, school, and home notes and could easily switch between them which kept things like tags and types of information separate from each other. There does not seem to be any analogue in Evernote for this functionality. With hundreds of notes and, my main concern, hundreds of tags specific my book information, adding my personal notes into my current Evernote account seems to have the potential for a total mess of organization. Not to mention that searching across all notes would make it difficult to find since there will be book and personal information intermingled. Is there any way to completely segregate different sets of information with a single Evernote account. I have a premium account, but if I can't do this, I may have to go back to OneNote.
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