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  1. In the upper right-hand corner, the green "save" check mark is very close to the "undo" symbol. My fat thumb is always hitting the "undo" when I intended to hit "save". Then I have to re-do the action I just undid. So, things take longer. Please move these two symbols away from each other. Swiping right closes the search window. Because of the way my hand works, sometimes I do this on accident, close the search. The problem is when I go back to the search, I have to start from scratch. The last search is not saved. This is annoying when I have a complex search string because it has to be re-entered. It would be nice to save the last search in the search window, and require the user to take a positive action to clear it, instead of just starting from scratch.
  2. One of the ways I use Evernote is to keep track of when transaction have posted to my accounts. I scan all my receipts into Evernote. When a transaction posts, I mark corresponding receipt done with a tag. I use a saved search for the absence of this tag to find unposted transactions. The older version of Evernote for iOS would immediately update the search results when I would add the "done" tag. Now, the search results are never updated, unless I re-do the search. This makes it hard for me to keep track of the transactions. I wish you would go back to the old functionality.
  3. Currently, I am unable to find the time older notes were made under "note info", just the date.
  4. This under insert >> Camera The current capture algorithm is too quick. It identifies an image before the camera has even focused. After capturing, there is no way to zoom in and check the quality Cropping only allows decreasing the size and not including some of the image that was outside green rectangle Without being a troll, I would just like to point out all these functions were supported in the older version The embedded image scanner is unusable for me and I have to use Scannable or other apps, which is annoying
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