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  1. It happened again to me today. It happens when I'm running Evernote on my iMac. Suddenly it locks up and tells me I need to upgrade or revoke. This time, however, instead of listing two iPhones, it listed one iPhone and an Android. I don't own an Android device. So, I revoked the Android, signed out of my iMac app and iphone app, created a new password and signed back in. So is Evernote staff believing this is happening from insecure accounts?
  2. Evernote will show me all my devices, two iPhones are listed plus one desktop. It tells me “last sign in” on each phone and both phones have the same name. I sign in on my phone frequently so I have no reason to believe it’s an unauthorized device.
  3. Just happened again to me. This is super annoying to have to constantly activate/deativate an iPhone when it is clearly the same device.
  4. I am still having this problem. Two iPhones are listed plus one desktop. I don't own two iPhones. Every so often Evernote asks me to deactivate a device, which I do.
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