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  1. Great! But Font rendering problem in High Sierra has not been fixed yet. I know there's a dedicated post on it, just wanted to mention the issue here.
  2. Just in case it helps, I've noticed that copy/paste from evernote v7.8 (appstore) to TextEdit (High Sierra), just eats the first (or the last?) empty line of a group of empty lines ( 1 blank line turns into no line, 2 blank into one blank line, 3 blanks into 2, and so on) Maybe this is related to the way Line Ending is managed by EN and other editors. Same paragraph copied from evernote to MS Word results in an exact copy: no blank lines are missing.
  3. Same happened to me: iMac mid 2010 updated to High Sierra suffers bad font rendering, while MBP end 2011 that remains in Sierra has a normal font view. this issue is lasting too long in my oppinion, and should have already been corrected.
  4. Hi, same problem here with High Sierra. It would be great if we can downgrade Evernote software to previous release in the meantime. Anyone has found a link?
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