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  1. Being a foolhardy person.. I installed Google keyboard. It's actually a really nice keyboard. The Swype function works across all apps. Searching for things it can connect straight to Google from the keyboard. The warning is fair, as there will inevitably be a cache and/or cookies of some description. But no worse than any of the standard acceptances we make everyday. Sadly, the consensus seems to be right. No one has committed that a fix is being worked on over the period the issue has been evident. I can agree that formulating a system to work with every device manufactured can't be an easy task. Just such a weird one for a writing tool to have! Back to the real writing.. and by writing.. I mean swyping!!
  2. So, my issue definitely seems to be similar. I type a note, I make a typing error, I go back to the word and select the suggested word Evernote offers. It adds the new complete word and leaves the original error. If I am halfway through the word, I get the new word in the middle of the wrong word. Alternatively, I half type a word, and it suggests what I could be typing, click the suggestion and it puts the word in twice. Two complete versions of the same word. I downloaded the google keyboard to see if that solves it. Not sure why, as I am not using the swype function of the keyboard, I am individual letter typing (fat thumbs, hence the mistakes!). I'd say this issue started around the summer update for me. I am using a Galaxy S8 edge. It says Evernote is up to date. Kinda need you to sort it or I won't be the first person to complete a Novel via Evernote... no pressure... 🤣🤣
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