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  1. This might be an easy one for experienced users: When I search my notes for a particular term and then open a note, the searched term remains highlighted in green. Now that I'm in the desired note, I can't seem to turn off the highlighting on the searched word, which is annoying. If I delete the term in the search box, the opened note goes away. Is there a way to click away or in some other fashion remove the highlighting from the searched term?
  2. It would be awesome to be able to give a note a color. For example, in card view, it would be nice to color-code notes, the way you can do with files in the Mac Finder. I could have notes highlighted in blue for User Manual -type notes, Red for actionable notes, green for some other type of note ... whatever. You get the idea. I think this would be a 5-star feature.
  3. I am running Evernote Version 7.14 (458244 Direct) Editor: 69.3.10951 (15add1e) on a Macbook Pro under OS X 10.14.6. The "Hide Evernote" function just simply stopped working. The keyboard shortcut Has no effect [Command H], and the menu selection "Hide Evernote" on the Evernote dropdown menu also has no effect. ???
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