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  1. I create tasks from emails in Google Workplace as well as in EN. I would like the ability to sync so EN becomes my task repository. Thanks, BAKERTAM
  2. I have been a google workplace user for many years. The ability to create a task from an email is quite useful to my workflow process. I really would like to use Evernote as the "catch-all". What is involved in providing syncing between the 2 task platforms? Please advise Thank You Bruce - btorello@sdaoc.com
  3. Hello All: I am been a long time Evernote user primary for document/email filing and project management. However I have had to embrace Notability on my IPAD 12.9" because it is an easy tool for annotating CAD drawings that have been converted to PDF. The ease and simplicity of Notability makes Penultimate and the entire user experience with Evernote very poor. When will you (if ever) support annotation features directly ? Also, we have been experimenting with One Note due to it's good annotation capabilities and it wonks pretty well. I really generally don't care for One Note but we may be forced to migrate to achieve cross platform as Notability is only Apple based. But truly, I don't want to give up Evernote Please HELP !! Regards, Bruce Torello - btorello@sdaoc.com
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