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  1. In reading the Posts in the subject of Sub-Notebooks / Nested Notebooks I noticed that these requests go back to 2006/2008 with little if any response from Evernote. I hate tags. They don't work and they are a pain to try and use. They don't work for me. I've tried. It isn't logical and doesn't make sense. I need to be able to see and move around in the hierarchy so that I can properly manage my content. I'm not sure why this is so difficult for Evernote personnel to understand that we all have different needs and ways of doing things and thus Evernote shouldn't seek the lowest common denominator, but rather EN should seek to expand OUR options so that Evernote becomes more flexible and tolerant of it's customers needs. My need is to have are as follows. Hopefully someone at Evernote will respond with a respectful, customer-centric answer Folder one with Subject name +1. Manuscripts = Folder +1. Non-Fiction = Folder +1. Coding = Folder +1. PHP = Folder +1. Custom Reference = Folder Form Handling = Document Functions = Document OOP = Document + 2. Javascript +1. Notes +3. Python + 4. React +5. JQuery +6. JSON +7. MongoDB +8. Ruby + 2. Fiction = Folder +1. Literary = Folder + 1.Titles = Folder +1. Cold Springs Farm = Folder +1.Characters = Folder + 1. Charlotte Parker = Folder Backstory = Document Personality traits and descriptions = Document +2. Raymond Stiles +2. Locations +1. Cold Springs Farm +2. Parker County Court house +2. The Lighter Side of Death +2. Reference +Genre +SciFi +Thriller +Fantasy +Romance If there is a way I can see this type of visualization with TAGS, and since I've paid, someone at EN can tutor me in how to use tags to achieve this visualization of the nested folders, then by all means please show me how to do it. Otherwise, nested folders are what is called for and is what I need. Thanks
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