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  1. - Why does it now take 4 clicks that are all in different places to change which notebook a note is going in? Just make it so you click the notebook name, a list of them all appears and then you click the notebook you want to put it in. - Why are bullet points hidden behind a menu? You should just leave that scrolling sideways menu as is with far less hidden behind extra menus. - Doing dash indentations as I'm doing in this thread should not automatically make a bullet point, or doing a 1., 2., 3. etc list should not auto indent the numbers. Sometimes I don't want those indentations so you should just let it be plain text UNLESS I click on the specific bullet or number indentation (which again should not be buried behind a menu!). Or make it an option - at least give people a little choice of how they want to use it. - It's all way slower and laggier in these recent updates. Every menu change just lags that slight bit which never used to happen in older versions.
  2. Some issues I have with Evernote at the moment - incredibly frustrating things to deal with on an everyday basis and thought it's best to show it through a screen recording so here it is: The autocorrect functionality is far worse than it appears in this recording. I don't know why it's so much worse than any other app I use! If you can't be bothered to fix it, at least put some red lines under words misspelled or something. Farout.
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