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  1. Thank you for the feedback. We tried all possible user names but we were not successful. My wife backtracked emails way back when all was ok and saw that it was the same details we used when the files were lost. Is there a way we can find out all possible user names in one email add? Thank you.
  2. My wife said that it was the same email account. Quick question: can you use the same email address but different usernames? Meaning one is using a username and the other is the email address as the username? I'm thinking if my wife could have forgotten that she used a different username. Thanks!
  3. My wife has a desktop PC app of Evernote (Basic Plan) in her laptop and she recently installed Evernote in her new iPhone X. She couldn't sync the notes from her desktop notes to her iPhone X phone. So she decided to log out from her desktop and logged in again only to see that she lost all her note and what was sync was a "test" note that she created from her iPhone X. Questions: How come the desktop app was not syncing to the iPhone X? How come the notes were lost when she logged out from her desktop and it was the iPhone X note that got sync? How can she retrieve the notes
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