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  1. Thanks so much. Good to know I'm on an older version and this can hopefully be resolved. I clicked the link you provided and it took me to a page where I can upgrade. I'm completely fine with the free version - it has what I need in terms of storage. Do I need to upgrade and pay money for this to work? Also, once I'm in there, do I click on "go to Beta version"? or "Go back to Classic Version" to resolve the issue? Thank you for your help!
  2. hi! I couldnt tell you what version I'm using - is there a way for me to find that? I downloaded this probably 5 years ago. Used it, took a break for awhile (probably two years) and now I'm logging back in as I love Evernote to keep track of notes and finally have a use for it again. I tried downloading the newest version per someone else's post but I still seem to be running into the issue of things disappearing when I scroll.
  3. Hi there! I tried downloading the new version you sent as well as logging into the web client and I'm still having the same issues. What I am using might be a very old version (I dont think I ever upgraded from when I first activated my account years ago, but I'd think that by downloading the most recent Evernote Client would have solved that and it didnt).
  4. I am having issues when I'm viewing "All Notes". It says I have 44 notes but I can only see 9. When I scroll down to look for more, everything is white/blank and then when I scroll back up to the top, my notes have disappeared all together. I know they're still there, but they're not visible. This is making is super to hard to not only keep track of my notes and what I've put into the system, but also to find things. As you can see on the picture #1, I have 40+ notes but as I scroll down, nothing is visible. if I were to scroll back up (picture #2), the ones that were visible, disappear
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