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  1. @Scott T. It seems that there are in fact two accounts - with the same email and password login information. I was able to access my original one with my notes on Evernote web by viewing account information via a link on my windows native Evernote app. Do you know how it was possible for me to accidentally create a new account? It seems like the system should be set up so that each email can only be tied to one account, ie it's impossible to create a new account with an email that already has one linked to it. In any case, my experience suggests that Evernote web defaults to the newer account without my notes, and I want to be able to access my notes online without needing my desktop app (or if my current PC crashes, I have no way of accessing my original account!). Is there anyway to select which one to login to? It also seems like I cannot contact customer support since I only have a basic plan. Seeing as I have no need for the features of a premium account (I only have 2 devices and only use evernote for text, no images or multimedia), I don't want to pay for the features that I am not using. If I need to upgrade to recover my data I will, but I shouldn't have to pay to recover my own data. Thank you very much for the help!
  2. When I login to Evernote Web, it is almost as if I am signing up for evernote for the first time. None of my notes are there and all of the new user tutorials start popping up. This was really worrying - I thought I had inadvertently reset my account and lost all my notes! However, my notes are still there if I access my account via a phone app or desktop app. After double checking that they are in fact the same account (same email address, password, and login history), it seems that Evernote Web and the native apps are simply operating using different databases.
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