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  1. Just to give a quick update, my automatic daily reminders all of a sudden last night start coming through again. Rec'd yesterday's at 7:00pm this and today's at 5:00am. The only thing I did differently yesterday was I did go into each app I had, web browser, Ipad app, Iphone app, and checked the settings. Each app was set up so I should have been receiving them but maybe by checking them it fixed whatever the bug was. Or EN fixed the bug.
  2. I've talked with my IT department and they have confirmed no emails have been received from Evernote since 11/9, which appears to be the last time I received my daily email. Are there any Evernote employees that monitor these forums to resolve issues or bugs like these?
  3. Yes, I have reminders set for every day except for saturday's/sunday's, and have it set to send me a daily reminder email showing all the reminders for that day. So last Wednesday 11/7, I received an email at 5:03 AM, CST, with all the reminders for that day 11/7. I have a pretty extensive list of reminders across multiple notebooks so having the reminder is essential so I don't have to go searching a dozen notebooks looking for reminders that I may or may not have for that day.
  4. I'm also having this issue. Been using Evernote Web for many years, the reminder emails stopped coming into my email towards the end of last week. I've gone into account settings and the checkbox is still check requesting the reminder emails, and my email address is still correct, and there is nothing being held up by my spam filter. Also looking for ways to resolve this.
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