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  1. You and @DTLow make a good point about not being locked into any one editing environment. I agree with you and didn't mean to suggest one ought to be locked in. Rather, when I type out a note, I don't want to have to exit the system by cutting and pasting into another tool, just to do simple formatting. For me, it's a pet peeve, that break in workflow. Another good point. After writing my original comments above, I read some comparative reviews of Evernote (vs OneNote, vs Bear, etc.) and discovered one of the central critiques of Evernote, aside from the rising price of its service, is
  2. @DTLow: Hello and thank you too for taking the time to reply to so many user queries. Regarding your suggestion to use a separate text editor to do formatted text editing prior to pasting into Evernote, while providing a useful workaround in the near-term, this suggestion seems to miss the point. One of, perhaps the, greatest selling points of Evernote is its self-contained workflow. Personally, I find repetitive context-switching and mode-shifting in workflows to be taxing, and after a fashion, I look to switch to a different workflow altogether. I don't want to pull up a separate text editor
  3. @gazumped: Hello and thank you for taking the time to reply to so many user queries. I just started using Evernote (on Linux, using Tusk, on macOS, and on the web) and one of the first things I looked for was to control the line spacing in the document. By default, Evernote line spacing is too "ventilated" for my taste. As other users have pointed out over the years, line space control is hardly an exotic feature; it's so fundamental to formatted text editing that its absence in Evernote is conspicuous, especially when you consider that all of the other basic formatting controls are present, l
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