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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I tried the general troubleshooting list, and got down to where it suggests "delete and reinstall the app." Problem is if I do that I lose all the un-uploaded notes. No firewall, normal internet. Everything else works fine. In fact, some of the notes in Evernote upload, and some of them don't. It's not a monthly upload limit either. Plenty of space there.
  2. Hi folks- I have Evernote basic for Android. I only have two devices. For the last several months, most of my new notes don't upload to Evernote web. See attached screenshot. They just sit in my device with the little "uploading" arrow but never actually go. Everything else seems to be working fine on the app. I've tried clearing the cache, deleting the trash. I can't delete and reinstall the app because my notes aren't backed up. Help please? Thanks in advance.
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