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  1. I am not suggesting Evernote does it without coordinating with draw.io. If you look at their (Draw.io) business model then you can see that Evernote could work with them to enable this feature. Let's see what Evernote dev thinks of it. I find it useful getting my drawings into evernote and seems like a miss to have to put PNGs/PDFs/XML in manually and keep updating everything whenever the images change. Thanks for the note, appreciated.
  2. I am using Evernote to store images created from draw.io where I put the file (XML) together with a image export of the image. It would be great if the note could embed the draw.io web editor (giving Evernote image edit capabilities!) with a snapshot when you are not online and for performance reasons (i.e. just show image snapshot until note is opened for editing). Seems like a relatively easy feature technically and would give Evernote diagramming capability (well, via draw.io). Cheers.
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