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  1. Notes taken with the Evernote Helper while the main application is closed will be "invisible", but they are saved somewhere, since the next time you create a note with Helper and the main application is OPEN, then the "invisible" notes will suddenly all appear in your main app. (And thankfully on sync'd devices, BTW). This sounds like some kind of a "buffer flush" kind of problem, which stopped early this year, and quite frankly it's pretty lame that Evernote hasn't released a bugfix for this yet - like many people, I used to use the Helper ALL THE TIME as it was super convenient. I've just signed up for Microsoft Office 365, which includes OneNote and 1TB of data storage, and I'm considering migrating - so Evernote, please get it together and release a fix for this so that you don't use me & all the other users like me who aren't posting to this forum ...
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