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  1. OK so on further research, I found that the link above to the old Safari Extensions gallery, does still work if you use HTTPS:// I was able to instal the Clipper and get it working. Still not a very end user friendly solution.
  2. So the link above to safari-extensions.apple.com does not work any more. So now where do we get a web clipper for Mojave? I would like to upgrade, but Apple has done it again. They gave us nice new features, but they took away more than they gave. It's time that Apple makes 2 versions of OS X, one with all the nanny features to stop people from harming them selves, and one for advance power users. Otherwise, there is going to be a vacuum left for a good OS that lets the user decide what level of safety they want. Anyway if anyone at Evernote is reading this, how about an official reply to let everybody know what you are doing about getting us a new Web Clipper. I am a paid subscriber on an annual subscription, but I may just not bother, if you can't even write a working Clipper in advance of a new OS that is not compatible with your current app.
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