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  1. I am a heavy evernote user, and frequently and systematically switch between items in the shortcuts and "All Notes". To do this, I have to collapses and expand the shortcuts over and over. A real pain in the <insert body part>! One of my heavy uses is to capture something to Evernote (via app and/or menu feature), and then want to view and use it quickly. Selecting "All notes" immediately gives me a chronological list, with my urgently added and quickly needed item on top - that is, after I collapse the other links on the side : - (. Please do some user testing around this, I'd bet you'd find that it would be clear cut improvement appreciated by users. Honestly, I collapse and expand the shortcuts on the side 10-20 times a day. Whereas, if the All Notes was on the top, I could keep my shortcuts open and accessible and have the heavy use "All Notes" feature displayed all the time.
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