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  1. Gazumped — I am happy to help, I WANT the software to be successful, not to waste time complaining about it. And I'll do what you suggest. I just think for a problem of this magnitude, they should be coming to us with a warning and request for our logs/whatever if they need it to fix it. I'd expect an email saying "don't merge your notes until we fix this — and thanks for your patience."
  2. I merged 10 new notes and only the first one is kept while the rest disappear. I did this twice and same problem. I'm using the latest version 10.14.7 on a new MacBook Pro M1. What makes this more infuriating is I'm seeing this has been a constant problem and obviously the new versions are not correcting this. Meanwhile I keep seeing new features added that I have no need for, or worse, get in the way of what I'm trying to do. This seems like a problem that should be priority 1 for Evernote to fix. I shouldn't have to downgrade or run two installations to make sure I haven't lost information. If keeping the notes I make aren't the core function of this software, I'm not sure what is. This should be fixed immediately — and a warning should go out to users about it. Yes, I was able to find the lost notes in the trash, but that's because I had double check the notes were missing in the first place, and then go looking for them. Neither should have been necessary. This software is useless if I have to worry about notes going missing at all.
  3. There are those of us who have been complaining about this for years, and it seems like an unbelievably simple thing to implement. Many of us never use the Share button, so we don't need to see it, nor do we need to see "only you" on every document. It's an unneeded eyesore and just plain ugly. Can you finally just give us the option to turn off this feature if we don't need it? I think you believe a small request like this is a joke. It's not. Many of choose apps, computers and other things, because they are pleasant to look at while we use them. This has been an ugly reminder that you don't think about your users for years. And I can't believe it's that hard to program into the system. Just give us the option to turn it off already.
  4. Dear Evernote, You used to save me so much time and make my life more functional. Now I've had to quit my job, leave my family and devote all my resources to learning how to break into your code and remove that hideous green share button from the top of all my notes. I used to be a fun loving person that people liked to have a drink with. Now, I just feel sad and helpless. Even my dog can tell it's ruining my life. It's almost sweet actually, he tries to attack the screen and bite the evil green share button away. And then there's the sad look in his eyes when he sees it is still there and then he feels heartbroken because he can't help me and he's a dog and it's just sort above his level of understanding of how computers work. I think the saddest thing still, is that as I wrote this note in evernote, wanting to cry out to the world about my pain, I still had no interest in hitting the share button to have other people see the note. I don't know when I ever will. Sincerely, Kermit. P.S. It's easier being green when you're a green thing people like.
  5. PLEASE get rid of that UGLY green share button at the top of every note. A feature I'll never use and at the very least should have an optioned to be turned off. What a crazy thing to assume it's that useful for everyone
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