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  1. I'll second that! Please update the thumbnail previews and also allow card view with PDF previews on all versions of Evernote (iOS, Mac, Web, etc.)! I typically bulk scan all documents into Evernote and then simply search for keywords when something is needed, seeing that the system OCRs the text within PDFs for me. Being able to search for text within PDFs and then have visual card previews of the PDFs pop up, plus have the searched text highlighted when a card is chosen, is INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT! Please keep PDF preview thumbnails on all devices, Card View and Expanded Card View on all devices, the ability to OCR and search within all PDFs, and also to see the searched text locations highlighted within chosen documents. For me these are the most important elements of Evernote and if feels like they are slowly being taken away. This is what makes the service great and separates it from Dropbox and all other cloud storage options. Taking away the visual card view elements, the backend-OCR function, or the full-text search with highlighted search terms, would be a HUGE mistake. It seems like the newest Beta Web version (which typically becomes the future aesthetic) is trying to take all image previews out of Evernote and remove the Card View altogether... let's stop that and instead KEEP EVERNOTE VISUAL! The service should feel like a board of pinned images, not like some old boring email client with an endless list of text and dated fonts.
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