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  1. We can have it all - Dynamic TOCs: I would like to be able to put a search query into a note and have it generate a list in the notes titles that satisfy the query. The note titles would be linked to its note. If you have ever used TiddlyWiki, you can do this, or if you have used TinderBox agents, you can do this. Your note becomes a container of search results. Example: Create a note titled "All outstanding Todos". In this note create a list macro that pulls together a list of all notes with non-completed todos. This list is automatically updated anytime you create or complete a todo item. Why is this better than saved searchers? Saved searches work one at a time. Having SmartNotes that each serve as their own search bot gives you ability to view multiple targeted lists at the same time. The limit to what you can see is only the search query. Once you have experienced this capability, it is hard to imagine EverNote not having it. It is a game changer. Corey
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