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  1. Hi This is still not working for me, nor on Classic or on beta. Somebody made any progress?
  2. I am experiencing the same problem. It's a nightmare. I almost feel this little green elephant is teasing me with it's slogans "nothing falls through the cracks" "Remember everything important, wherever you are". Please, evernote, provide some information about this functionality. Any help is appreciated. Or, please provide more levels of stacking since we always have to search notes manually.
  3. Same problem! It is a huge problem for me, I am currently making copies of all shared notebooks and have to update both versions manually. Please, any thoughts? My wallet and passeport have been stolen overseas yesterday and I could not access my bank information or passeport copy because they are on a shared note and they don't show anymore on the web interface. Hell. Please, Evernote warn your users!
  4. I have a similar problem. Search on the web interface is not considering the notes people shared with me. I mean I can only find notes I created myself with the search function. Please help me! Any advice is good!
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