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  1. Hi Scott, I just tried to log in again with my old password, didn't work. So I changed to a new password and tried again with my email address, and all I see is the almost empty Evernote account. So it's definitely a big bug. So could you please help me to restore my old notes since you say this should not have been possible. Can you for instance see if there is an old account with my email address (same as in the forum account) and merge the two accounts with the old notes in it? The old account is several years, the new one was accidentally created on September 13 this year. Best regards.
  2. Dear community, I have been using Evernote for some time and have found it helpful and a good way to store ideas and other things to remember. But, some weeks ago I was going to log in to my web account and accidentally clicked on Create account in stead of Log in. I used the same user name (email address) and password as my real account, and then Evernote created a new account with those. This should not be possible of course. When I logged in no one of my old notes were there. This is a really bad bug that Evernote should mend. When I tried to move my old Evernote database to repla
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