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  1. Thank you for your reply. Yes, I checked her spam filter on gmail (web) and also no notification on EN. The strange thing is that notification is sent out if I un-share the notebook that's already shared.
  2. Via email. It says "pending" in the notebook's share properties. No invitation sent from EN to my wife. I shared another notebook four years ago. If un-share that one, the new one gets shared. It is as if I'm only allowed to share ONE notebook!
  3. I'm having the exact same problem. I've been struggling with it for days and can't share my notebook with my wife. Did you find a solution?
  4. Hi, after several days struggling with sharing a second notebook with my wife, I've finally discovered that I'm (plus account) able to share only ONE notebook with my wife (free account). I have received help from an expert and my issue has been directed foreward to Evernote support, but I haven't heard a single word from them. When I try to share the second notebook, it says "pending" in share options and her email is greyed out. No invitation sent out. I've tried from my android app, desktop app, and from the EN web server. When I delete sharing the one notebook that's working, I can share the other one. But not two notebooks! Anyone else experiencing the same thing? If it's only possible to share one notebook as a paid member to a free member, I will start looking at alternatives!
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