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  1. Hi, Thank you for your reply, My browsers are configured to accept cookies, and I do have a password manager too (Roboform). Also, I do not use software like CCleaner, that could wipe out my cookies. And yet, I have regularly to re-enter my information. And why "Remembering me" only 30 days? It's a non-sense. Anyway, I'll re-check my settings this week-end... Thanks
  2. Hi, I am somewhat tired to have to re-enter my login information almost each time I want to use Evernote or Clipper. That "Remember me for 30 days" option is useless and irritating in a personal password-protected computer, mainly when, despite that option, one is asked to re-enter that information a lot more often that every those 30 days. At least, give the user the option to choose their own appropriate level of protection, including "Remember me until change my mind". Regards
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