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  1. Happy days. In the latest beta, they seem to have switched from a custom sidebar material to the stock macOS translucent material. This seems to have fixed the bug!
  2. If you have Evernote open and put a window in front of it, and then go into Mission Control, certain panels in the View will do this horrible flickering graphical glitch. It has happened to me on macOS High Sierra and macOS Mojave, and has happened on two different MacBooks so I'm pretty sure it's not my machines fault. I use Mission Control a lot and found it so annoying and distracting that I had to stop using Evernote. I am going back to Uni in a few weeks and downloaded it again hoping it was resolved, but the issue remains (on 7.5 on Mac, also enrolled in beta updates). Is this a known/common bug, and is there anyone working on fixing it ? I attached a link to a quick video showing the bug (its happening in the Notebook selection area, but I've seen it in the whole sidebar too before). It doesn't break anything but it is really annoying haha Link to the bug: https://imgur.com/a/XQqHoi5
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