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  1. Have they removed this indenting code block feature altogether? I cannot indent the code blocks, it always start from the left margin!!
  2. I think the extremely low traction on this thread indicates that not many programmers use Evernote for note taking! If Evernote could just incorporate this one feature(language formatting like https://typora.io/ ) it may appeal to a much larger audience!
  3. FYI, After the 7.5 update for Mac, now we cannot paste code formatted from https://tohtml.com into code block, Evernote strips off all the HTML formatting now! I wonder if they are treating this as a new feature!!
  4. I am not sure if this could be done in anyway or not, but I have tried it multiple time in the Mac App(7.5)m Safari and google Chrome. The code blocks are Always Left aligned, If there is not way yet, I would like to request for a feature to indent the code blocks, if there is already a way to do that, please let me know how. Thanks in Advance, Pulkit Bhardwaj
  5. Does no one have a problem with this or is this happening only to me??
  6. Hello, I upgraded to 7.5 today, and post upgrade I am unable to paste formatted code into the code blocks. I use https://tohtml.com/python/ to highlight code which I then paste directly into the code blocks. This was working fine until today. The previous code blocks are still formatted, e.g But the new ones are not I believe this is a bug, appreciate if you could have a look. Thanks, Pulkit
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