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  1. Alright, stage one. Where can I find all files that Evernote is able to create either by the app proper or by causing error files. I would like to back these up manually, by looking into the file system and pasting them onto my computer. However, I'm only able to to inspect files saved on my SD card. How can I access Evernote related files and related logs which are not on my SD card? Thanks.
  2. I, am still seeking a solution to recover my notes, described in my original post. I'm looking to know, and recover if possible, notes which have lengthy titles which were saved with NO title, thereby completely losing the data which I was attempting to save. I do not see a in-app feature to recover from this error. The app also failed to have safeguards which prevented or truncated files titles from being too long. However the result through my very normal usage of the reminder feature, seems to have been complete discard and loss of data. I am hoping that the data is not lost and perhaps through error files on my android device or on the Evernote servers there are copies of the data which I wish to recover. So, in the case that my files attempted to save on device and failed, I'm hoping to recover and decipher error logs. In the case that the notes were sent to the Evernote servers with lengthy titles then failed somehow in the Evernote servers, I'm attempting to recover the data from within that platform. I have no yet attempted Dave-in-Decatur's idea for a solution, as I believe that it will be impossible to observe any notes with titles over-the-length-limit set by the end-user apps. If I do have to pay for premium membership again to get the results which I need, can do. However this is not desirable for no results. Any solutions or response, particularly by developers or technical support, would be grossly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. To Frthv, I think that your issue is unlike mine, especially if PARTS of text are gone. If parts of text are missing in chronological order (newest text is absent, older is more likely to be present) then I think the issue is syncing and not having a connection to the internet/servers from your devices before wiping (changing mobile phone) the local files on your devices. You can review your sync issue folder in Evernote and if sync collision is the issue ( not just the connection failure and data loss ) then you might be able to manually work on combining that missing data. the last thing that you can attempt is purchasing premium and checking the history of the notes to see if you supposedly removed parts of your notes, that and be undone. I hope that you've been able to pursue a solution, mate.
  4. Laziness brings innovation I guess. To clarify, I was creating and composing new notes (titles) through the reminder widget. I think that is pertinent because the notes may have never had an existence where their title was anything other than the defaulted "Untitled Note". I think that the lost data was briefly in some volatile memory and perhaps made it into a log file if the failed title was caught and considered to be an error. Appreciate your suggestion and insight regarding the history database existing for basic users.
  5. BLUF: I've "lost" many notes due to attempting to save reminders (through the homescreen widget) who's titles were too long, resulting in "Untitled Notes", and I would like to recover those long titles. For a while I took to using Evernote's android "Reminder" widget as a means to record TODO items and writing my short description(/reminder of what I'll need to do) in the title of these Reminder. At some point I realised that often my titles would be too long and therefore not saved. This (neither then nor now) does not give an error of any sort, in fact the "Saving note in <notebook name>" prompt appears just as when the title is under the maximum length. A note titled "Untitled Note" will then appear in the "REMINDERS" section of the notebook. For a while I had no idea where so many "Untilted Note"s were appearing in my notebook and so I would actively clear these notes, until I started to notice a significant number of missing notes. It would have been fine if the lost note titles were trimmed to max character length, as I was assuming might be the result of making my titles two sentences long at times. Is there any possibility that these note titles are saved in a log file somewhere? I very-very much wish to recover many of them, the exact content and value of which I have forgotten. The android app prevents you from writing too many characters into the title field when using the app-proper to compose/modify a note, even a reminder. The Windows desktop app gives an error when a title too long is input. Why was I doing such a silly thing? I think that the quick note feature was not yet implemented, and often outdoors in bright sunshine or while walking I would want to make a quick reminder of a piece of work to do or expand on or implement. So I would use the reminders feature to make a brief voice-input note. It was convenient when I hadn't time to investigate a better method or feature.
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