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  1. @gazumped and @Dave-in-Decatur Thanks for the tips. I tried again w the 2 keyboards you recommended and both worked / resolved the issue! Appreciate the help!
  2. All, thanks for the feedback and apologies for the delayed response. I have a Samsung S8 and when I go into the Samsung Keyboard settings and turn off predictive text, the crazy autocorrect issue within evernote stops happening, confirming there is a problem with the interaction between the device settings and Evernote. But since I want to use predictive text in all my other applications this doesnt seem like a good long term fix. I again did some testing and found that the predictive text issue only happens in Evernote, not in my Samsung Messages app, Whatsapp, Chrome, etc. Any other thoughts on how to resolve the issue so I can still use predictive text on my device and get it to behave the same in Evernote as every other app? For reference, Im on Android 8.0.0, Samsung experience 9.0, and Evernote 8.4.1. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I've used Evernote for a while and am very happy with the product overall but have had persistent issues for months with the auto correct function going overboard when I try to edit words I originally mistyped... for example I misspelled "went" as "event" and when I place my cursor in the word to erase 'ev' and replace with 'w' the word auto corrects to "wenwet" or "eweewent". I assumed this type of glitch would be fixed in a patch but it has been happening so often and makes editing words such a pain I wanted to share with Evernote/community to see if perhaps there is a way of changing spell check / auto correct to use the same logic as my device (in this case Android), or alternatively to update the native technology to not auto correct words when the cursor is placed in them for editing. Thanks!
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