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  1. Thanks for your reply, but unfortunately it's not working like that. What i described above was happening after creating about 40 notes, several hours and they all looked pretty, then they were either not existing anymore or in a not-edited version. It happenened again yesterday and today, even though I'm now super disciplined, I close the note with the "finished" button (my version is German, so I don't know if that's the label), I even reload the page after each note, then fine, everything is still there, open the app on my mobile, and bam ... everything changed again. Today it cha
  2. Hi guys, sorry, if this is a topic already discussed, but I didn't find an answer by searching ... Yesterday I was working for hours organizing and editing my notes on Evernote Web, today, I opened the app on my iPhone and it did overwrite all my changes from yesterday!!! I'm kind of freaking out because it was a lot of work and now I have to do it all again. And also, if it does that in general, why actually use it since obviously it is not working and it will always set back my changes? I'm supermad actually and since I'm just having a basic account by now – because I first
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