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  1. I have an LG G6 (Android version 8.0.0) and love the Google Feed feature (i.e., swiping all the way to the left and having a personalized news feed). When I come across an article I want to keep for later, I access the "Share with..." menu option and select "Add to Evernote". I would hope I could select the notebook where I would like to store the article, but the sharing/evernote app just clips the article automatically. No big deal, except when I go into the Evernote app (or web, or desktop), the note is shared to another Notebook that isn't my default notebook! Wha???? Worse, it's saving the clipped article to a notebook I'm sharing with other folks, so they're doubly confused as the article has nothing to do with the Notebook we are working on. I've tried looking at the Evernote settings, etc., but can't seem to find where you set the "Share with..." default notebook for Evernote. Anyone have the same problem? Any suggestions on how to resolve?
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