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  1. He had nothing to say except make fun of people who were inquiring and you know this and now you turn around want to heckle too. Get a life!
  2. I plan on it, but also have a plan that far exceeds this.... You will all benefit from it believe me. In due time. These companies won't be able to get away with this anymore.
  3. Dear Evernote, You took all granular control from the user base. Why did you do this? We used to be able to go into preferences and set it the way we needed to use it and you took all this away and left us with a piece of junk. How could you possibly think this was a good a idea? You took a lot out of this program and left it bare. Tell me Evernote, what are we paying for then?
  4. Thank you Alxa! You took the words right out of my mouth. This is exactly what I meant.
  5. @ gazumped: With all due respect; in order for them to fix the issues they need to engage with the people that use the program.
  6. Very well said, this is exactly what needs to be done. No one responds from EN. If they do not come forward to work with us on this, it clearly shows they do not care and this will be their nail in the coffin. Dear Evernote! You can't continue to hide with all these issues. This isn't just one issue, its a bundle of issues. Obviously, you guys didn't beta test this before you released it because this should have never been released at all to the public.
  7. This isn't just about a simple sync button. It's about a whole laundry list of things gone wrong. You wouldn't understand anything with this mentality. If you don't have something positive to offer do not come in someone else's thread and act like an infidel.
  8. Yes, I have been doing exactly that in order to shut it down each time. As I said before I don't want the legacy app. I want a regular version of evernote like I had. Can I please have an installer for the version?
  9. The computer this is happening on is not in sleep mode. It just simply stopped working. I have spent all night on this trying various simple things. I never said I wanted to run anything parallel to this. I just simply want the older version and get this one that doesn't work off of my computer. I have no idea what legacy version is. Can someone please supply a link for the version I quoted in the original post? Thanks. Can someone please address all the questions in the post because its all related to this issue? Sincerely Panhead48
  10. 1. the snippets show in the program but when I click on any one of them the right pane is completely empty white space. 2. I can no longer clip anything at all. 3. There used to be preferences we could setup under the "tools" button >options then you would have on the left side General Synchronization Navigation Note Search Shortcut Keys Language Reminders Clipping Printing What the bleep happened to this in this new version? This program is unusable. 4. Please give me a link to last known good version that worked for me is so I can reinstall. 5. How do I backup all my notebooks off one computer and import them into another that has the fresh install of older version? This computer has windows 7 on it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6. I have the above version installed on another computer so the copied backups are coming from windows 7 to a computer with windows 10 on it. Sincerely Panhead48
  11. @ Eric K Simply put Eric they are telling us if we don't like it, to go elsewhere. This is what I'm doing. I know what's coming down the pipe as far as big huge changes to the system we live under and they will be put out of business. When you have closed source software this is the kind of garbage they can pull. The market will be flooded with free open source programs and this reason here is why it's being done.
  12. This is why I couldn't find my post. I didn't ask you to change my title to something you wanted. It reflected a bad image of evernote so you put it in your own words. Here we go with the draconian measures. These days are over with software companies doing this. You have a total disregard for paying customers I can clearly see this. I'm not the only one that's unhappy with what your doing in this program. The tide is shifting as we speak and companies like this will be gone, because everything will be open source. Companies like this do not serve the people.
  13. Yes, I have been told. The only problem is it does not always SYNC, this is what I was trying to point out before, then what do we do? This is a huge problem. It makes the program unusable. This is completely ridiculous!
  14. Evernote: Sometimes the new clip doesn't show up, therefore you need this "SYNC" button. You guys shot yourselves in the foot doing this. @GrumpyMonkey & Jon: Thanks for your help it was appreciated. I do not agree with this at all. It sucks. I think it's time to shop around for something else. Sincerely, Panhead48
  15. Greetings! The sync button was always right in front of our faces, clear and concise; now it's nowhere to be found. I cannot use this program at all like this. After I clip something I always go back to the program itself and hit "Sync" or it doesn't show up. Now most do not show up at all. Where do they go since I clipped them? I do not know, but this needs fixed Immediately! If they keep this up you won't even have a user base at all. Sincerely, panhead48
  16. Hi everyone! Right now I have a personal account under such and such email address and name. I want to open a Business account under a completely different Name aka: business name and email. Will this work out okay? If so, how can I go about this? I will upgrade to the Business version then, thank you! Benny
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